Heel pain can come in several forms and have many causes. As the largest bone in a complex network of joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments, and other bones, the heel is susceptible to factors that can cause stress and pain. Sometimes heel pain can be corrected by wearing different shoes or using over-the-counter orthotics in mild cases. In severe cases that persist regardless of the type of shoe or over-the-counter orthotic, seeking the help of a podiatrist can help improve your quality of life.

Common Causes of Heel Pain

Heel pain can stem from multiple causes. The most common include:

Specializing in the Treatment and Management of Heel Pain

The heel takes the brunt of most stress in the foot and if pain and other symptoms like redness or swelling persists, contact a podiatrist like Dr. Tatiana DeLaurentiis to seek treatment.

Dr. DeLaurentiis starts by examining the heel and may perform diagnostic X-rays to rule out any bone issues and tumors

Depending on the severity of the heel pain, early treatment might involve the following:

  • oral or injectable anti-inflammatory medication
  • exercise
  • shoe recommendations
  • taping or strapping
  • shoe inserts or orthotic devices
  • Physical therapy

In rare cases of heel pain, more advanced treatments may be required. This includes:

  • Surgery to release the plantar fascia
  • Spur removal surgery
  • Bursa removal surgery
  • Surgery to remove neuroma or other soft-tissue growth.

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